Here's the secret reason why some guys stay hot & sexy their entire lives-while others just fizzle and feel miserable...

In fact, it’s what I call a “Biological Loophole”…

It's past midnight, but Dave, who’s 52 years old, isn't going up to bed.

Not Just Yet.

He still has his nightcap to finish and the late scores to check…

Besides, he wants to be sure his wife is sound asleep before he lumbers upstairs…

And Meanwhile Across The Street...

Dave’s neighbor Jack, age 64, is nuzzling his wife in their hot tub after an impromptu outburst of love-making that caught them both by surprise in the middle of dessert. ..

And judging by the way his body is responding to her eager love bites on his earlobe, it looks like they’re in for an Encore.



Doctors Discover The Secret Cause For ALL These "Midlife Miseries”.

Is This You?:

Lately, I've been bored, depressed, and negative.
It's easy for me to become angry and “lose it.”
I'm becoming forgetful and can't concentrate.
My marriage/relationship is experiencing problems.
My sex drive isn't as strong as it used to be.
Sometimes I have erection or potency problems.
My body is sore, achy, and stiff.
I'm drinking more alcohol than usual.
I'm losing muscle strength and stamina.
I feel older than my actual age.


At long last we FINALLY know the answer lies with our hormones.

This is why most of us begin to experience a noticeable weakening of our sex drive and erections around age 45… Some Men Even Sooner.

What's happening is that Mother Nature starts cutting off our supply of testosterone and other raging male hormones (called androgens) that made us “lusty bucks” in our youth…

And man, the results of this testosterone deprivation Aren't Pretty...

With less testosterone, a man feels weak, tired, and bored most of the time. His joints stiffen and his entire body feels "creaky."

You Know EXACTLY What I Mean… RIGHT?

You can't remember as well as he used to. You have trouble sleeping. You don’t recover from workouts and injuries as fast. Your once-proud six-pack abs is now just a  potbelly. Your waistline sprouts “love handles."

Worst of all, your sex drive shifts into neutral and your erections leak pressure like an old tire.

A loss of self-confidence-or full-blown depression. (I told you this stuff wasn’t pretty.)

Doctors used to refer to this as "midlife crisis” and blame it on Normal Aging.

Now we know the real explanation is entirely hormonal.

There's a secret reason why your butt has been dragging lately …

...why your body feels so achy and creaky...

…and why you're not the "super stud" in the sack you used to be:

That's not good - because this lusty hormone is what produces a robust sexual urge and high performance in bed.

But testosterone also plays an important role in maintaining your muscle mass, heart health, and emotional stability.

Low testosterone levels are linked to heart disease, diabetes, depression and other serious health problems.

So A Drop In T-Levels Is A Dangerous Double-Whammy

While it's normal for men's testosterone levels to decline in their mid-40s, the stage of life called "manopause" (also known as male menopause or andropause), researchers are puzzled by what is causing this current shortage…

One thing is clear, they say:

Men in the study who were 50 years and older had lower testosterone levels than 50-plus men in 1996…

The most plausible explanation is the vast amount of estrogenic substances in our food, water, and environment…

Low Testosterone Leads To Poor Health And A Lousy Sex Life In Men.

Scientists may identify the cause soon, but in the meantime you sure don't want to be caught with your testosterone down!

When a man's hormones begin to drop, it causes "old before- your-time" symptoms that affect his sex life, his health, and his happiness.


This Page brings you the medical facts about how to keep your precious hormone levels HIGH so you'll enjoy better health, better sex, and better energy...

Hormone Deficiency Is Like Slow Castration!

You'll also read about a remarkable new discovery that is making today’s Baby Boomer & guys over 45 as strong, and studly as they were in their "stallion heydays."

Now, for the first time in human history, every man can look and feel younger than his biological age... be a better lover later in life... stay smarter and stronger…

…and keep a giant step ahead of premature old age, disease, and death taking better care of his hormone levels.

No man should ever have to spend the remaining 10, 20, even 30 years of his life as a worn-out, undesirable old eunuch who's been put out to pasture.

As testosterone is lost, it breaks down into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which chokes and kills hair follicles, resulting in baldness…
Low testosterone depletes the elasticity of the skin, resulting in premature wrinkles…
Declining testosterone causes the skeleton to shrink.
Men Can Lose Up To 2 Inches In Height.

As testosterone dwindles, so do a man's muscles and his physical strength. On average, a man loses I0% of his muscle mass each decade after the age of 30.

By age 60, he will have lost half of his musculature…

With low testosterone, body fat accumulates easily, particularly around the belly that’s a double-whammy because fat cells secrete estrogen, which further depletes testosterone.
The male gonads actually get smaller as testosterone levels decline. For men already worried about the size of their sex organ
This Is The Last Thing They Want To Witness…

Don't Let Declining Hormones Make You “Old”
Before Your Time.

If you are over 45…
If your sexual urge isn't all that strong - and if your erections aren't as firm as you'd like...
If you're feeling fatigued, bored, forgetful, irritable, and slightly "depressed" lately...
If you've been gaining weight and losing the rock-hard muscles and physical strength...

Chances are, you're caught in the grip of "manopause", the male equivalent of menopause, medically known as andropause.


“Male menopause is a real phenomenon,” says Marc Blackman, M.D., chief of endocrinology at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

…Yet Most Men Don't Want To Hear It.

But denial won't make it go away. Manopause happens to all men (except for a lucky few of us who seem to escape it almost entirely - more about these lucky stiffs in a bit).

Manopause is a raw deal that sucker-punches a man just when he finally has the time and money to kick back and enjoy him.

And it isn't just our sex life that suffers. Losing testosterone leaves a us especially vulnerable to heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, osteoporosis, dementia, depression, chronic fatigue, and Premature Death.

What About Those "Lucky Few?"

As I mentioned, not all guys suffer this pitiful fate.
A few, like Dave, manage to keep their
hormone levels high for their entire life.

What's Their Secret?

These silver-haired studs avoid things that steal their testosterone (like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, painkillers, and cholesterol-lowering medications)…

They Also Live A Testosterone - Promoting Lifestyle.
They exercise regularly. Watch their weight. Eat a balanced diet that's rich in protein…

…take the right supplements… make sure they have plenty of sex. (Yes, frequent sex actually stimulates more testosterone production!)

And, as it turns out, most have better genes than you or me.

Does this mean you're doomed to live like the unlucky majority? Absolutely not!

If Mother Nature hasn't blessed you with a surplus of testosterone and other male hormones at this point in your life, there's a safe, simple, inexpensive way to crank up your levels without resorting to hormone injections, patches, gels, or prescription creams…


Here's what happens when you combine the world's
most powerful testosterone-boosting substances
into one super-capsule...

Throughout history, human life expectancy rarely exceeded beyond these hormonal changes. Even as recently as 1900, the average life span was just 47 years - the exact time that male and female hormones begin to recede.

But now that modern medicine has outsmarted nature by expanding life expectancy to almost 80 years, men must ask themselves…

"Do I Really Want To Spend The Next I0, 20, Even 30 Years Of My Life
With Low Hormones, Feeling Like This:"

Tired and weary because of insufficient drive and ambition?
Losing muscle, strength, and stamina month after month?
Embarrassed by declining sexual potency?
Gaining more and more weight each year?
Slowly losing your memory and mind?
Feeling obsolete and depressed because of it?
Tossing and turning every night because you can’t sleep?
Stiff and achy each day you awake?
Taking more prescription drugs because many doctors don't yet realize that low hormone levels could be at the root of your health woes?
Watching yourself slowly deteriorate day after day?

If That’s Not For You, Then I’ve Got The Answer:

When men lose testosterone and other hormones, they become like castrated mice in a laboratory maze, lost and confused.

But studies show that when an aging male raises his testosterone levels, it restores his youthful vitality, strength, energy, and sexual function - in effect, rewinding his biological clock.

Targeting The 4 Critical Aspects In The Anatomy Of An Erection In formulating Beyond Human Testosterone, we selected the most-effective, all-natural compounds that have been clinically-proven to target each of the 4 aspects involved in arousing and maintaining a healthy erection...

In order to be sexually stimulated, your brain must have sufficient levels of the pleasure chemical dopamine.

(Remember, the brain is the largest sexual organ. All sex begins here.)

If dopamine levels are low, the sexiest hard-body on earth could walk into the room and your brain wouldn't be interested

To become aroused, your body's testosterone level must be normal to high. If not, your sexual desire-and the sexual impulses sent to your penis-will be weak or non-existent.

To form and maintain a firm erection, your penis must receive-and be able to hold-a good supply of blood. The more blood, the bigger and harder the erection.

Good sex takes energy. And a man must have sufficient stamina for the long, vigorous workout that satisfying sex requires, lest he "poop out."

Beyond Human Testosterone isn’t a
hormone replacement –
a treatment typically reserved for men with
abnormally depressed levels.

Instead of replacing a man's hormones, Beyond Human Testosterone stimulates the body to produce more of its own safe, natural supply. And not just testosterone.

The ingredients in Beyond Human Testosterone also boost a man's human growth hormone; DHEA, and the other important androgens that have been shown by medical research to keep his body virile, strong and sexy-and, yes, even "younger."

Hundreds of human studies show that men with high testosterone levels enjoy longer life, better health, happier moods, fewer heart attacks, less prostate problems - and, last but certainly not least, a far more satisfying love life.

As you're about to see, the clinically-tested ingredients in Beyond Human Testosterone can give a man back his self-confidence, his youthful strength and stamina, and his studly swagger.

But don't take my word for it. Check out the impressive scientific studies right here that PROVE it ...

Don't waste your money on any supplement that doesn't have impressive human studies to support its claims. Here's the science behind the remarkable ingredients in Beyond Human Testosterone...

There are quite a few sex-boosting products on the market today.

Some contain ingredients that have a long history in traditional folk medicine.

Others Are A Little More Than Modern-Day Snake Oil…

Their ads may promise to "enlarge your penis" ... produce "rock-hard erections”…
Make you "last all night”...

And "give you the sexual stamina of a 20-year-old," but, scientifically speaking, most of these products are practically worthless.
Some Are Even Dangerous…

Few of these "prosexual" supplements have good scientific research to back up their claims-especially in clinical trials.
("Clinical" means human studies.)

But there are some testosterone-producing compounds
that do have impressive clinical studies behind them.
And these are the trusted, proven ingredients we've
put into Beyond Human Testosterone…

They include... 

"The Himalayan Love Button“

If you were formulating the perfect romance pill, you'd definitely want cordyceps in the mix "to get the party started."

Cordyceps sinensis is one of the rarest and most treasured herbs in Chinese medicine. A famed "magic mushroom" with aphrodisiac properties, it grows wild in the high Himalaya Mountains….

We included it in Beyond Human Testosterone because it works primarily in the brain to help transform sexual thoughts and images into Hormonal Impulses.

(So impressive is this neural effect that clinical studies show it significantly improves mental function and memory as well. A nice side effect.)

It’s A Potent Aphrodisiac. Recent studies of its powerful aphrodisiac effect performed at Beijing Medical University of China and in Japan found a 64% success rate among men suffering from impotence.

Extremely Safe. Cordyceps has been found to be extremely safe, causing no disturbance to the normal body functioning.

"The energy generator”

World champion athletes are quite familiar with Tribulus terrestris. They've been using it to give them super stamina and strength for decades.

We added tribulus to our Beyond Human Testosterone formulation because of its tremendous energy potential.

It Gets You Energized. A 20-year clinical study of tribulus by the Bulgarian government led to the sensational record-breaking success of their weight-lifting team in Olympic competition in the 1980s.

Gives You Sexual Energy. In a separate study, 75% of the athletes showed a dramatic increase in endurance-while 80% reported a stronger libido and better sexual performance - with no toxicity or adverse side-effects.

Tribulus is an important part of the Beyond Human Testosterone formula because it solves "the energy crisis" of the andropausal male.

And Having Extra Energy Is Key When Your Body Begins To Slow Down After 45.

Staying slim, muscular, and sexually attractive is easy when you feel energetic.

But when you're tired all the time (as most andropausal men are), the last thing you feel like doing is hitting the gym or taking a hike…

Next thing you know you've got a potbelly to drag around, you lose your muscles, your pride fades- it's a depressing, downward spiral…

Tribulus gives you the "oomph" to actually want to be more active.
(P.S. - that really pays off in the sack, too!)

Healthy level of testosterone is absolutely essential for producing firm erections inflaming your sexual desire.

Let's face it, men need to be hard, right?

When The Penis Is Hard, Life Is Good

That's when we're most adventurous, ambitious, and, well... "cocky.“

Is there a better feeling than having completely satisfied your partner until she's purring in your arms?

That's not news, but this is:

New research shows that testosterone provides a man with powerful protection against heart disease, maintains healthy cholesterol levels gives his brain greater clarity and focus, and makes it much easier to stay slim or lose weight.

Hundreds of studies reveal that men with low hormone levels, (such as they are during manopause), are much more likely to suffer a heart attack... develop Alzheimer's... be depressed... get osteoporosis...

…have high blood pressure, sleep problems, and chronic fatigue.

If it sounds like low hormone levels make a man prematurely "old,“ You're Right.

The good news is that researchers are finding that many of these miserable symptoms can be reversed simply by restoring a man's hormone levels to normal or high.

Without a doubt, hormones are the most amazing and most powerful substances in all of nature.

They regulate every vital activity in the body and brain, including growth, health, love, sex, intelligence, pain, pleasure, aggression, fear, hunger - Even Death.

Yet, we men remain totally in the dark about our hormones - even though they are essential to our survival and success…

Women, on the other hand, are 20 years ahead of us in their understanding of their hormones.

As a result, they live longer, stay younger, and enjoy better health than us.


We men pride ourselves on being good managers. We excel at managing our money, our careers, and our investments.

So why do we let our bodies run out of the male hormones that fuel our stamina, govern mental clarity, and -gasp!- pump up our sex life, just when we need them most?

Why Don't We Manage Our Hormones Better?

In a word: Ignorance

We just haven't known any better. Now all that is about to change for you and millions of Baby Boomer men.

At last the secret is out...

Finally, There's Something We Can Do About It.

One day, every man over 40 will take a daily hormone-boosting pill like Beyond Human Testosterone to ward off the decline of old age just as routinely as he now takes vitamin supplements.

Unfortunately, millions of men will suffer and wither away unnecessarily before this practice becomes commonplace.

Hopefully YOU Won't Be
One Of Them.

How Manopause Makes You A "Girlie Man'‘?

Testosterone is the hormone that makes guys "male.” Estrogen gives women their feminine characteristics.

But when a man's testosterone levels go down, his body starts to produce more estrogen, which can give him feminine characteristics such as breast enlargement, accumulated body fat, and a shrinking of his sex organs.

In addition, excess estrogen is linked to serious health problems in men, ranging from heart disease to prostate cancer…

But Even Worse...

With less testosterone and more estrogen in his blood,
a man becomes less dominant and more feminine.

Just the opposite happens for
the post-menopausal woman.

As her estrogen levels drop, her testosterone makes her more aggressive, domineering, and assertive. These women have little desire for a simpering man who can't find his masculinity and expects the women in his life to take care of him.

Morale Of The Story?

Women are attracted to manly men, not "girlie men."

So, to keep your woman interested, hold on to your testosterone at all costs.

Beyond Human Testosterone is leading the charge!

Right this moment, Baby Boomer in are pioneering the use of safe, natural, pro-hormone supplementation to shatter the age barrier. They're determined to stay in the game until the final down.

They want to feel "younger" longer.

Your generation has been making history since you were born. Now in midlife, men over 45 & Boomers are determined to stretch their usefulness (and sexiness) as far as possible.

Will you be one of them? You can be. And Beyond Human Testosterone can be your secret weapon. I invite you to try Beyond Human Testosterone at absolutely no risk and experience the dramatic difference it can make in your sexuality, your health, and your entire life!

New studies conclusively show that low testosterone significantly increases a man's risk of coronary artery disease (CAD).

When doctors measured artery blockage in male patients and then evaluated their risk factors for CAD, they were stunned to find that low testosterone and low HDL cholesterol came out on top-higher than cholesterol, hypertension, Even Smoking!

This means that if you did everything your doctor recommends to prevent a heart attack, you'd still be at greater risk for serious artery blockage if your testosterone and HDL levels are low!

How Testosterone Helps A Man's Heart:

Your body makes testosterone and other male hormones from cholesterol. So when T levels are down, the body churns out excess cholesterol, which increases the likelihood of clogged arteries.

Other studies confirm that raising testosterone levels actually inhibits artery clogging by lowering LDL ("bad") cholesterol and dangerous triglycerides, while boosting protective HDL cholesterol.

And How's This For A Pleasant Way To Help Your Heart:

According to a recent study of 2,400 men at the University of Bristol in England, men who had 3 or more orgasms per week enjoyed a 50% reduction in heart attacks & strokes compared to those who have sex less often!

Imagine when you can finally say:

"I FEEL LIKE A Spring Chicken INSTEAD OF A Lame Duck!”

Now that you know male menopause is real, the question is:

What Are You Going To Do About It?

Will you let it rob your vitality, steal your youth, ruin your sex life, and make you a sitting duck for a heart attack and other serious diseases?

If your answer is “No!”... then you owe it to yourself (and your spouse or partner!) to at least try Beyond Human Testosterone to experience the amazing changes that can result from a big boost in your levels of testosterone, growth hormone, and other important androgens.

Just two to three daily capsules have the hormone power to pull your body out of Andropausal decline and restore your strength, stamina, vitality, and virility.

My company, Beyond Human, developed this breakthrough product to help millions of 45 year old plus men who are suffering from the symptoms of hormone-deficiency - and for younger men who just want to add an extra jolt passion to their love life.

Beyond Human Testosterone combines the most powerful natural testosterone-boosting substances ever studied in human research. Few (if any) nonprescription supplements have so much clinical science to support their abilities, as well as their safety.

So here's an important question to consider…

"How Do You Want To Spend Your Remaining Days?"

Do you really want to spend the next 10, 20, even 30 years of your life lacking sufficient energy? Losing muscle, strength, and stamina every year? Embarrassed by declining potency? Gaining more and more weight?

If that's not for you, then say "Yes" to Beyond Human Testosterone and start reversing these debilitating symptoms.

You Once Made A Promise To Yourself, Didn't You?
When I was a young man I promised myself that I would never become one of those soft, chubby, wimpy middle-aged guys who "sold out."

The ones that traded their wildness and adventure for the security of the couch.

It still isn't. I developed Beyond Human Testosterone to help men like you and me keep the promise we made to ourselves long ago:

To hold on to our edge and "Never Surrender."

Middle-aged guys like us are smack in the middle of life's sweet spot.

What A Waste To Let It Slip Away.

We've been busting our humps all our lives to get to enjoy these days.

So, go on:

Enjoy Them!

Don't let your body run out of high-octane fuel just when you're so close to the best part of the trip.

Try Beyond Human Testosterone with absolutely no risk and see how enormously bright your future can be…

This Works for Women, Too!

When a husband hasn't been sexually active for some time, many wives often withdraw in bitter resentment.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for a woman's sex drive, too. So taking my product together can help a couple regain the sexual fire they had when they were dating or young newlyweds.

This renewed physical contact can lead to new-found emotional intimacy, offering couples the opportunity to grow closer, heal old rifts, and enter into Deeper Companionship.

Of course, raising a couple's testosterone levels isn't a magic bullet for a wounded relationship - but it can be a big help. Think of it as a "booster rocket" that can blast a couple beyond the stale, heavy atmosphere of their past - and into a new realm of adventure and exploration.

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You already know that being overweight is directly linked to many "man-killer" medical conditions. But did you realize that excess body fat is a "penis-killer" too?

It's True!
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The prostate gland is the most frequently diseased organ in the male body and prostate cancer is a lethal killer.

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‘‘Beyond Human Testosterone is an impressive product. Its ability to stimulate the body into producing more testosterone makes it perfect for every man who wants to boost his sexual response, improve his physical appearance, brighten his moods, and slow the rate at which his body is aging.”

‘‘Beyond Human Testosterone is an impressive product. Its ability to stimulate the body into producing more testosterone makes it perfect for every man who wants to boost his sexual response, improve his physical appearance, brighten his moods, and slow the rate at which his body is aging.”

“Impressive Product''

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Enhances your brain's ability to transmit chemical messages that trigger sexual arousal.
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Makes weight loss easier due to increased metabolism.
Lifts your energy and stamina levels
Evens out your emotions and helps you maintain a positive, upbeat frame of mind.

It also protects against heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and many other age-related diseases that are linked to declining testosterone and other androgens.

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“My wife and I started taking Beyond Human Testosterone about a month ago. After a few days, we noticed a wonderful difference in how much extra energy we seemed to have... especially in bed.

Both of us have 'the urge' more often and our passion is much more pronounced. Since we have so much energy, we both have gone back to working out (something we stopped doing years ago)...

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“I 've been an athlete all my life, but when I turned 52 I hit a roadblock. First came shoulder surgery, followed by a heart condition, then a hernia-all within two years! Then I experienced prolonged back pain, followed by a diagnosis of osteoarthritis…

I felt my world was falling apart. As a result, I started gaining weight, lost my sexual urge, and felt depressed about life. I just had my testosterone checked and it is above 1200 (normal "high" is 800)- and my PSA is 2.4!”

-Steve, Age 58

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